The 5 C’s of Communication Part 1: Connect

Happy Tuesday readers! During my last post I discussed the importance of being a successful communicator to best spread information to the public. I broke down the tips of successful communication into five groups: connect, creativity, consumer, crisis, and culture.

This post is part one in a five-part series. Today I will be focusing on the first C of communication: connect. By successfully connecting with your audience will help you to reach your goals. The definition of connect, as defined by, is “a cause to be associated [with], as in a personal or business relationship”. This means by effectively connecting with your audience can help you to build a relationship with that audience and spread your message.

There are many ways to reach out to the public. I’m going to focus on three different ways to connect with your audience.

1. Social Media
By creating a company Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media account will help you to reach out to your target audience in a personal way. Social media can be used to reach a large amount of people at once or post a wide variety of content including posts, photos, videos, and links to websites. Social media is great at extending your audience and reaching out to a new public.

2. Build a Community

Try creating an online community that will target your specific audience. This would be a great way for you to reach the public in a more focused form instead of through a general social media account. Imagine if your company is a car dealership that is looking to extend their public awareness by creating a car safety group. This group will focus on the best ways to purchase a car by providing safety information and more. This can be a useful way to inform the public about some important tips when making a large purchase. There are many places to create an online community; for instance Facebook, WordPress, Google Hangouts, or other online social media sites.

3. Newsletter or Blog
This is a great public communication tool if your focus is on educating the public or focusing in-depth on a specific topic. Creating a blog allows you to post content to your target audience in a more detail form than general social media accounts. Blogs can be created in a variety of ways; you can choose to blog with written words, through videos, podcasts, or photos; so don’t feel limited if you choose this as your way of communication! Any form of communication can be a useful tool for you if it’s used correctly.

No matter the form of communication you choose to use, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.

1. Know your Audience
This is one of the most important tips to understand if you’re going to be working with the public. The better you know your audience the easier it will be to spread your message. For instance, if your client is a pharmaceutical company your target audience might be medical professionals who prescribe medication. Therefore, you should research what will be the best way to spread your information. Medical journals, professional societies, or online communities with a medical professional presence may be the best option.

2. Easy to grasp Information

Be aware of your audience and the message you want to spread. Use appropriate terminology, keep in mind the best and worst information to be posted on social media, use newsletters or blogs for more in-depth content, and use graphs, charts, or videos to better display facts and statistics.

3. Easily Displayed Information
If you are trying to convey information through a video, photo, or newsletter try to be aware of the font type and size (small font size can be hard to read and unusual font types can make an informative article appear unprofessional). For instance, one long paragraph down the page with no headers or sub headers can take away the easiness of the read. Remember the purpose is for others to read the information so don’t make it a hard job for them to do so.

Overall, try keeping these tips in mind for your next connection campaign. Next week I will be talking about the second C, creativity!
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