Helpful PR Tips: Writing Clarity

Happy Friday readers! Today’s topic is going to focus on the importance of writing clarity. As a PR Coordinator, you will use many different forms of communication to reach an audience. They can include: press releases, social media posts, blogging, photos, videos, radio commercials, and more. One characteristic they all have in common is the importance of clarity.

The purpose of using communication to reach an audience is to spread your client’s message. For instance, if your client wants to inform the public about a fundraising event, a social media post could be a great way to reach someone! However, if the information is not clearly written there can be problems.

Example of miscommunication: “Come join us for a BBQ fundraiser next Friday at Boyce Park!” – This post does not say the fundraiser’s purpose, the time of the event, or an exact location at Boyce Park.
Example of clarity: “This Friday from 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. come help us raise money for the local Boys and Girls Club at the Boyce Park, Pavilions #8 and #9.” – This post provides an exact location, time, and the purpose of the event.

Clarity should always be a top priority because the message needs to be understood. Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing for the public.

1. Grammar
Always remember what you learned in high school English class: correct sentence structure, spelling, and the different forms of words. For instance, their, there, and they’re OR to, too, and two. By remembering basic grammar dos and don’ts will help you to clearly spread your message. For a refresher course on grammar visit this website.

Don’t try to overwhelm your audience with too much information at once. If you only have 140 characters or a 90 second video, keep the topic to the basics until you can fully explain the subject. If you are using writing as a form of communication, there’s no need to repeat the same thoughts.
“Wordy” Example: “Fabulous Hair is proud to announce our partnership with the American Diabetes Association. We have worked hard to earn a partnership with this respected non-profit organization. To learn more about this partnership read our monthly newsletter being released next week!” – That’s not a bad post, but it is repetitive.
“Simpler” Example: “Fabulous Hair and the American Diabetes Association joined together to help raise money to find a cure for diabetes! Read more about this in our monthly newsletter!” – This shorter post will be quicker to read and it still gets the same message across.
For longer forms of communication try a blog post, press release, or newsletter.

4. Start, Middle, and End
This is especially important for blogging or any long worded document. Make sure to clearly state the purpose of the topic and to have a complete thought. The beginning should have an attention getter or a thesis statement that states the document’s purpose. The middle should have the body of information pertaining to the topic. The ending should tie everything together in a nice bow.

To sum up, clear writing is most important because it will help to clearly spread your message. Always be consistent in your writing form and have a beginning, middle, and end. Try not to be repetitive with content and always use proper grammar.

Comment your tips on clarity below! Until my next post have a great weekend!



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