Social Media Marketing Plan Part 2: Focusing on Social Media Networks

Happy Tuesday blog readers and welcome to social media marketing (SMM) part two! Just to recap my last post, I discussed the background on SMM and the best ways to lay your plan’s foundation. The five main points I focused on were: goals, target audience, content, competitors, and available resources. To benefit you long term, it’s important to clearly determine those five criteria when starting a SMM plan.

This week post is going to focus more in depth on some popular social media sites. Each social media site has its strengths and weaknesses and depending on your goals, it can help you determine which social media sites are most beneficial.

1. YouTube
It provides the public with entertaining and informational videos with ease. This site has over 1 billion users worldwide and can be viewed in 75 countries. YouTube can help you provide users with a face of the company and educate your audience with company information. However, YouTube doesn’t allow you to interact as easily with their audience, but it does allow users to post their thoughts and share videos. It’s important to remember not all information is best conveyed through videos.

Some ways YouTube can best be utilized is:
Promotional videos for upcoming products or events
Testimonial videos from customers and employees
Press Release announcements with more of a personal touch

2. Instagram
This social media site allows you to interact with your audience through photos instead of long videos. This site allows users to easily scroll through posts in a short amount of time. This means your photos have to stand out of the crowd to grab your audience’s attention. If you can provide unique photos, Instagram can help you reach your audience very quickly. In a recent study, results showed this site is more popular among women than men and is most often used at the end of a work week. The negatives when choosing this site is if the content is not catchy, users will quickly scroll past your information.

Instagram can be used for multiple purposes including:
Event photos
Creatively posting new products (different from what you would see on the company website)
Showing off current and new employees
Telling the audience a story (either through multiple posts or a photo collage)

3. LinkedIn
Unlike other social media sites, LinkedIn can allow your company to learn more about your target audience. Through Q &A pages, you can better understand what topics your audience is interested in and what they are looking to learn. With over 227 million members worldwide, you will be able to reach out to multiple audiences. LinkedIn can help you reach out to journalists and bloggers in a new way besides email and phone. You can follow news media sites to view their focused topics for the day or if they are working on any special projects. However, if your SMM goals are more focused on a new product or increasing sales, LinkedIn may not be the best site to use. Since LinkedIn is more of professional setting, it may help your SMM plans if your goals are to better understand your public, help inform journalists about newsworthy company information, or help to build creditability for your company.

Instances LinkedIn is helpful can include:
Posting informational news stories to pass along to journalists or bloggers
Keep the audience updated on company information/changes

Overall, videos and pictures are great ways to interact with your target audience. They are quick simple methods to get your message across. While reaching out to journalists in an easier form, can increase your chances are providing newsworthy information in a new way.

I chose not to talk about Facebook or Twitter because I wanted to provide more in depth information on the above three social media sites.

I hope this post gave you a new perspective on how social networking sites can help you better reach your SMM goals. Next week I will be discussing the importance of maintaining your social media sites and how you can best utilize them for your SMM campaigns!


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