Part 2: Rebranding as a PR Pro

Last week I talked about how rebranding allows a company to change their public perception. There are different reasons a company may choose to rebrand some include; reaching out to a larger audience base or reacting to a major company change. During the beginning of the rebranding process companies need to decide their brand identity by determining what parts will stay the same and what will change. Remember the big picture during the early stages of this process. Finally, it’s important to try to have company employees stay engaged and even participate. Employees have an investment in the company and can help them positively move forward during rebranding.

During this post I’m going to explain the last three steps of the rebranding process: distinction, brand launch, and monitoring public perception. As I explained last week, this is only a general overview of the process and I will post links to other articles if you would like to read more in depth on this topic!


This is the time for the company to decide how they are going to approach the public. During this step, conducting research is important. This will help you understand the best ways to approach your audience. Also, this will provide honest feedback with how the public views the company.

There are different types of research you can conduct.

1. Public Perception- How the public views the company, like and dislikes, conducting short answer surveys to learn more in depth about the company’s positives and negatives.
2. Brand Loyalty- What is considered sacred to the brand and should be maintained during the rebranding and what new things consumers may want to see.
3. Brand Advertising: How the public learns about the company and best and worst ways to reach out to the public.

After completing extensive research the results can be analyzed and this will help to determine the best way to approach the public on the rebranding process.

An example of a successful company rebranding through research and advertising is Old Spice. Old Spice used to be considered an older man’s cologne, but the company wanted to reach out to a younger audience. So through social media, interacting commercials, and a celebrity spokesperson, NFL player Isaiah Mustafa, the company successfully reached out to their targeted audience and increased sales. Their most popular campaign was this interactive commercial featuring Isaiah Mustafa.

Brand Launch
This is the time to publicly release all that hard work of the rebranding process! There are many ways to release the new image of the company. It all depends on the audience you want to reach during this release, but some choices are a press conference, launch party, or social media launch.

My favorite would be a social media release because you can reach out through many different forms: images (Pinterest or Facebook), videos (YouTube), slogans (Facebook or Twitter), or employee and public reactions (Snapchat or Facebook). All of those social media channels allow you to interact with the public in different ways and learn feedback about the company changes.

Monitoring Public Perception
Make sure to monitor public perception for the first six months to a year. This is important because it helps to ensure the public is receiving the brand correctly and without problems. There are different ways to measure the successfulness of the rebranding launch.

1. Brand Awareness- Was the targeted public aware of the changes and if so how was it perceived, positive or negative?
2. Public Perception- Is the public viewing the brand differently since the changes?
3. Impact- Research the positive or negative impact from the public since the launch.
4. Increase Sales- Has the company seen an increase profit since the brand release?

Don’t let all the hard work of the rebranding process go undone because of skipping this last step! Always stay on task until all the steps are completed.

During the rebranding process the early stages focus on the purpose of the rebranding and determining the goals. While the second half of rebranding process focuses on determining the best ways to reach the targeted public and measuring success. Rebranding can be a long process for any company, but with focus and attention to detail any company can be successful. Check out this article about how to avoid some common mistakes of rebranding.

A little fun fact about rebranding is it doesn’t always have to focus on a company. Whether you are new to the PR field or a seasoned professional you can always rebrand yourself. Maybe you want to break into a new area of PR work or just trying to stand out from the crowd as another PR newbie; either way you can take these same six principles I described to rebrand yourself in the PR field!

Well I hope this topic helped you learn something new! If you have any success stories or mistakes about rebranding that you want to share just comment below. Until next time enjoy your weekend!


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