2015’s Super Bowl Commercials

Welcome back readers! If you watched the Super Bowl I hope you enjoyed the game and if not maybe you enjoyed the commercial breaks, Katy Perry’s half time show, or just the snacks and drinks! As promised this blog post will be dedicated to some of the commercials shown during Super Bowl 2015. This post will explain my two favorite commercials, my least favorites, and the most creative commercial!

My Favorites

1. Snickers
The Snickers candy bar commercials are known for featuring a crabby and hungry person and usually they showcase a celebrity. Their creative slogan, “You’re not you when you’re hungry” makes these commercials funny. Well this year was no different when Snicker’s took a step into one of America’s famous TV shows, “The Brady Bunch”. Guest celebrity’s included Sons of Anarchy’s Dan Trejo as Marcia Brady and The Soprano’s Steve Buscemi as Jan Brady. I thought this commercial was funny and appealed to most age groups because of the well known television show and actors featured.

2. Loctite Glue

Loctite is a form of superglue that helps to fix broken items. And this year Loctite made their brand hilarious! While using an upbeat tempo and humor, the company approached using their product in creative ways. The commercial maintained the hype of the Super Bowl by keeping their audience engaged. Then the public was encouraged to use social media to show off their Loctite enthusiasm using the hashtag, “Win at Glue”. I thought this commercial maintained the public’s attention through humor and was able to keep the momentum going through social media!

My Least Favorites

1. T-Mobile
This cell phone company used Kim Kardashian as their spokesperson and Kim discussed the issue of losing cell phone data every month. She explained your lost data could have been used to focus more on the Kardashian lifestyle. I think the commercial was slow and very narrow on the topic. Also, the content only appealed to the younger age groups rather than the public as a whole. I think the concept of “losing data” was good, but T-Mobile should have chosen another way of explaining that idea. They could have showcased different examples of cell phone users losing out on data. For instance, a mother not seeing a funny cat video, a teenage girl missing an interview with a celebrity crush, or a sport focused boy missing draft picks because of not using all their data. That commercial would have appealed to the larger audience watching the Super Bowl.

2. Go Daddy
This year the website and domain company, Go Daddy, which usually features sex themed commercials broke away from their usual content. Their new commercial focused on a determination of a businessman by working through the Super Bowl game. However, I think Go Daddy missed the mark this year. Although I enjoyed the commercial it’s very forgettable compared to other companies.

Most Creative

1. BMW
BMW took a creative approach for the advertising of their newest car model the BMW i3. They used real footage from the Today show in 1994 featuring Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel. The Today show hosts discussed their confusion about the Internet and email, then it flash forward 21 years to another confusing conversation about the BMW i3. For a car commercial, I found the content appealing and effective. I think BMW hit the mark with the audience they were reaching and I enjoyed their tagline “Big ideas take a little getting used to”.

Overall, I enjoyed some of the commercials this year, but I was hoping for more than what was received. Although some companies were humorous, most commercials weren’t very memorable. Hopefully, companies step up and start creating more unique commercials for 2016! Until then share your own opinions of the best and worst commercials? Comment below and until next week stay warm!


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