Gaining Public Awareness during the Super Bowl

Welcome back readers! As you’re gearing up for the weekend, you may be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday or, if you’re like me, be checking out the commercials! I enjoy watching the Super Bowl commercials because they are either funny or so ridiculous and crazy, it’s funny. After all when the companies are paying $4.5 million for a 30 second commercial spot, they need to make an impression.

Whether you watch the game day commercials or you’re on social media, you have probably viewed any commercial as successful if the brand is talked about. After all, the purpose of airing these commercials is to create awareness and increase sales with the public.

There are many different ways to grab the public’s attention. Some companies choose to be remembered for their sweet and light hearted commercials. In 2011, Volkswagen aired a tiny Darth Vader using “The Force” to bring a Volkswagen car to life. This commercial was funny and quickly grabbed the attention of viewers. The company used a popular movie reference and the determination of a little boy to make their audience laugh.


However, some companies chose to take a risk and create a commercial that could spark debates. The company,, shows they are happy with any type of PR. Recently they released their “Go Daddy Puppy” commercial. The story follows a lost puppy making his way back home, only to discover his owners sold him on their new website. That “early” released commercial created such a controversy with the public that Go Daddy is being mentioned in millions of tweets! Although the public is angry about the commercial, the Go Daddy brand is receiving attention all over social media. Check out this news cast that discusses and shows this controversial commercial.

Personally, I prefer to gain positive public awareness because negativity can damage a company’s reputation and overall image. That damage can follow a company for many years and hurt the business.

Lastly, social media is continuing to play an even larger role for game day advertising because it encourages the public to continue discussing different brands. For instance during 2013’s Super Bowl, the football stadium lost power for over 30 minutes during the game. The company, Oreo, quickly ran into action. Oreo released an image all over social media that stated “You Can Still Dunk in the Dark”. Their quick thinking gained major attention and popularity. Oreo provides a great example of how quick thinking and positivity can help earn public awareness during the big game!

This year will be interesting to see how many companies choose a risky type commercial in order to gain attention over other brands. Be sure to check back here next week to re-watch and learn more about the most talked about commercials!


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