PR New Year’s Resolutions 2015

Happy 2015! I want to start with apologizing for not posting any blog entries during December, but the holidays kept me from having any free time for my blog. But now I’m back and ready for an all new year of PR blog entries to share with you!

This week’s post is going to focus on how you can improve your PR skills in the New Year. Making New Year’s resolutions are always popular, but difficult to continue throughout the year. I like to write smaller goals that will work towards a larger resolution. That way when I complete my smaller tasks I feel accomplished and it encourages me to stay focus on my larger goal! So I hope I can help you achieve some of your PR goals this year.

Here are a few goals you can focus on for 2015:

1. Discipline
Although PR allows you to be creative, it’s important to remember to discipline yourself. It’s easy to work on fun and creative campaigns, but the backbone in PR are the skills you will need throughout your career. They include: writing, focusing, researching and interpersonal skills. So for 2015, be sure to set aside time to determine if you are giving those basic skills enough attention. And if not, take 30 minutes out of your week to practice them.

2. Negotiation
It’s important to always keep the public updated with information on your company or client. One of the best ways to spread your message is through the media and you’ll need to effectively communicate with journalists. You can do this through email pitches, in-person meetings, a brief video about the topic, or any other way you can grab their attention. During that brief time you need to inform journalists about the importance of your topic. Try improving your negotiating skills this year by practicing on friends or co-workers. Even challenge yourself! When you’re with a group try to pitch a fun activity and see how many agree with your idea. Be sure not to be pushy or waste ten minutes about your idea.

3. Creative Thinking
Never let your creative thoughts stop! You would be surprised how a midnight snack can bring about a great idea. So for 2015 try to be creative in all aspects of your life. Whether it’s a new DIY project or filming a fun YouTube video, this can help your mind stay active and be ready for the next PR campaign!

4. Networking
It’s never too early or too late to network with other professionals in ALL career fields. A new connection can open many possibilities for you. From insightful PR advice to a new friend who can introduce you to a possible client. Try attending a local networking event or even get to know some of the workers at your favorite coffee shop!

5. Attention to Details
Grammar mistakes shouldn’t be your only concern when it comes to the details. As a PR professional it’s important to anticipate large and small problems, evaluate situations, and analyze data. I like to view PR as looking at the “Big Picture” while still analyzing every frame. To test your attention to details try playing puzzle and search & finds games. Also, take a situation you may come across and analyze it from the beginning to end.

To sum up this week’s post remember to never underestimate the importance of your PR skills. PR is an ever changing field because we constantly need new ways to interact with the public. Try to maintain your basic skills even when learning new ones and you will be grateful!

Now I want to share with you my PR New Year’s resolutions. My goals are to become a better communicator with journalists, network more often, and learn more about the different industries in PR. Please comment below your PR Goals for 2015.

Until next week have a Happy New Year!


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