Maintaining Brand Loyalty as a PR Coordinator Part 2

Welcome back! Today I will explain the importance of maintaining brand loyalty and some steps that can help you to maintain it with your current and future audience. A brief summary of last week’s post explained building brand loyalty can help create a positive reputation for your client while gaining a loyal audience base, who will consistently purchase your brand.

So last time you helped Pete, from Pete’s Pets, create a brand loyalty following and after a year you are finally seeing your results! Pete has consistent customers who choose to shop at his stores because of the safe products. However, Pete’s Pets noticed they are not gaining as many new customers and are looking to you for the answer! Don’t worry there are some easy steps you can take in your Pete’s Brand Loyalty Campaign to help generate a new audience while still maintaining your current customers.

1. Consistency
Even though you are trying to reach a larger public, you can’t forget to maintain the company values of your client. You can maintain their values while still showing off a different side of the company. For instance, Wendy’s offers their customers full sized portions of their burgers by “not cutting corners”. But you can still inform the public about another positive service. Wendy’s also offers healthy alternatives for kid’s meals. You were able to maintain the company values while still reaching a new audience, parents who want to ensure their children eat healthy.

2. Customer Feedback
It’s important to listen to the public. If they are asking for “longer lasting” bubble gum or better customer service representatives it can benefit the company by trying to solve those problems.

3. Personal Identity
When you build brand loyalty, you are also building a sense of identity for your client. The audience who only purchase your client’s products will relate to the company with a sense of identity. For instance, people who only purchase Bounty Paper Towels, view Bounty as part of the family; since they always rely on the paper towels to help clean up messes. As a PR Coordinator, help your client create a personal identity through their company and it will help them to better relate to the public.

4. Social Media
Social media is a positive way to communicate with an audience, if done correctly. Don’t try to create multiple new social sites, but never update the content. It’s better to have one or two consistent social media sites than five that never receive updates.

5. Marketing Objectives
Brand loyalty customers purchase the product, not because of price but because of reliability, reputation, or commitment. So it’s important to always keep your audience updated on what your client offers. You can do this with three specific objectives.
1. Mind Awareness – Be up to date with competitors then remind the audience why your client is still number one. You can do this by showing how your client is maintaining their reputation or updating their products to fit their customers’ needs.
2. Brand Attributes – This shows how the client’s brand fits the needs of their audience. You can show this with examples through advertising, social media, or in store promotions.
3. Call to Action – This is best used when targeting an audience who is ready to purchase a new product. For instance, targeting college students in August when they are looking for the best laptop/tablets to use for schoolwork.

It’s important to remember that maintaining brand loyalty helps your client keep a loyal customer base. Maintaining brand loyalty also means keeping up to date with the changes in society and your customers. Don’t forget it’s important to always try and bring in new customers, but you still need to maintain loyalty with your current audience. So now that I provided you with the information, let’s see how you can help Pete’s Pets maintain their brand loyalty!

Pete’s has a loyal following of dog and cat owners, but they are being consistently asked about when small animals and products will be available. So Pete wants to begin expanding their customer base to small animals (hamsters, rabbits, birds, etc.). Although you will be targeting different pet owners, Pete’s values will still stay the same. Pete will continue to offer safe, American made products to large and small animals. But now you are going to inform the public about the new safe products Pete’s is offering. To better relate to the public, you create a store mascot/symbol for Pete’s Pets. You named her Safety Katie and she is a brown rabbit icon you can view online. Safety Katie will help everyone learn about all the safe products sold at Pete’s Pets. Safety Katie is all over social media and the company’s website and she is reaching out to a whole new audience while still being useful for Pete’s current customers.

Now by following those steps you were able to continue working with your client and help him reach a new audience without excluding his current and loyal customers. And if you noticed throughout your Brand Loyalty Campaign you utilized your marketing objectives.

Mind Awareness – Heard what the public wanted (small animals) and took action.
Brand Attributes – Informed the public about the positives of Pete’s Pets (Safety Katie).
Call to Action – Using advertising and social media to encourage the public to shop at Pete’s Pets.

I know I provided you with a lot of information, but if you want to learn more about brand loyalty you can read the Marketing Profs articles. Also, Retention Science posted an article that discusses the difference between Customer Loyalty and Brand Loyalty.

Thanks for reading and please post any comments or questions below for me to answer. Until the next post have a great week!


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