PR Campaigns: Creative Ways to Interact with your Audience

Hello PR Readers! With October suddenly upon us we have autumn traditions, cool nights, Halloween activities, and candy to enjoy! As a PR Coordinator try to take advantage of the holidays and use it as a way to interact with your audience. Interacting with your audience can create a better image of your company and create a lasting relationship. So instead of focusing on the short term goal of earning sales try to focus on a long term goal of brand loyalty.

There are many ways you can interact with your audience and show your brand in a positive light. The purpose is to be unique and to stay away from similar ideas being used by your competitors! However, great unique ideas don’t just appear in your mind. Usually you’ll go through five or ten bad or boring ideas before you finally come up with a great one. And don’t be afraid to brainstorm with friends or coworkers. By bouncing ideas off each other you can create a great plan with a piece from everyone’s ideas!
So how do you start to come up with an interactive concept for your audience? I find it helpful when you try to focus on a certain theme. That way your brain isn’t scattered, but you’re still able to think freely. Here is a list of some areas you could try.

Focus on a theme that would involve making your audience laugh and enjoy themselves. For instance, Hershey is trying to encourage adults to purchase their candy brand for trick or treating this year, how can you persuade your audience? Create a quiz that will determine what scary or cute costume will match your sweet tooth this Halloween. For instance, a woman who enjoys traditional Halloween costumes (clown, pirate, etc.) could receive the response that a traditional Hershey chocolate bar would be perfect for her light heartedness relating to Halloween. This will help to encourage the public to buy Hershey candies, but also have a positive image in the public’s mind throughout the year.

2.All Ages
Try having a theme that centers on a family friendly activity that parents and kids can enjoy. Let’s use the Parker Brothers game, Monopoly, because the company hasn’t been receiving as much social media activity and they want to try to increase their online popularity. The company can use Facebook and post simple and fun non-competitive ways to play Monopoly for all ages. For instance, a family that has three children between the ages of eight and eleven can try to play Monopoly the Camping Edition! Simple clear instructions can explain that instead of owning property you can visit other “camp sites” and instead of paying bills or taxes you have to try to offer camping advice on how to start a fire without a match or things to avoid when camping. This activity can increase positive words about the game and provide non-competitive ways for families to play.

Within the past few years Do It Yourself (DIY) projects has become more popular thanks to Pinterest and HGTV television shows. And the best part of DIY projects is they are usually inexpensive and can be a lot of fun. Your client, Valspar Paints, wants their audience to know about different ways their products can be used instead of the traditional way of just painting the walls. Since its Halloween you deiced to kick off the campaign with a Halloween themed project! By using Valspar’s Pinterest account every few days you can post a photo and instructions of a new way to use their product. For example, using their product to paint a pumpkin instead of the traditional gutting and cutting. This saves more time and by using different colors can help you create a truly unique pumpkin that will last the entire Halloween season!

To summarize this post, building and maintaining brand loyalty is very important in keeping your client or business doing well. By brainstorming ideas (especially bad ones) with a group can help you find that one great idea. Never be afraid to think outside the norm and away from your competitors. And know your audience! By knowing your audiences you can better create a campaign that will target them and your client’s goals.

Finally, I want to share with you a current campaign for this Halloween season called “Halloween Hills”. The company, Target, used their Instagram account to offer their audience creative DIY projects and recipes for the Halloween season. Their audience is able to interact on the site by clicking on a “trick” or “treat”. Then they can post on the photo which project they tried and enjoyed. If you visit their site, you can see they utilized a Funny, All Ages, DIY, concept for their audience!

Well I hope you learned about creative ways to build a campaign concept and how interacting can help to build brand loyalty. Be sure to check out next week’s article which will focus more in depth about brand loyalty and how you can help your company or client achieve it!


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