Transformation Tuesday for Public Relations

Happy Tuesday afternoon! For today’s topic I want to focus on how you can take a basic PR task and give it an interesting and more upbeat twist in honor of Transformation Tuesday. And in case you aren’t aware of what this is I’ll give you a brief definition. Transformation Tuesday was created through social media by asking online users to post photos of something in their life that has transformed over time and use the hashtag #TransformationTuesday. For instance, you could post a photo from you high school graduation next to your college graduation and say how much you have changed over the years. So I am going to do something similar to that idea, but give it a PR twist!

Basic press releases and news paper articles are becoming less common in our social media world and instead you will find PR coordinators utilizing social media websites to get their message out to the public. One popular trend over the past few years in the PR industry is blogging! However, just putting words on a screen isn’t always enough to grab someone’s attention and generate readers. So I’m here to transform your basic blog into something more appealing to your audience!

There are many different ways to grab attention on your blog, depending on your topic, so here are a few ways to enhance your post!

1. Add high quality photos
By adding photos, you can help your reader better imagine the topic you are discussing. For instance, if your company is talking about the benefits of owning a security system in your office or home then show pictures of what a room would look like with the system installed. This will help your reader to visually see the purpose of the security system. But remember not to go overboard on photos, make sure you still provide the reader with all the needed information.

2. Add charts or graphs
If your topic for the week is how to appeal marketing strategies to older adults, then show charts with statics (also reference the study and source of your numbers!) of what has proven to be effective and ineffective. By seeing an actual representation of the data rather than percentages on the screen could help get your message across in an easy to see manner.
***Reminder: Not all data needs to be represented in a graph, so keep the least important statics in the blog or reference the study for further details

3. Paragraphs and Spacing Does Matter
Remember we aren’t in elementary school anymore, we know how to indent, space, paragraph, and add bullets and numbering. By setting your post up with an easy to view format will help to encourage your audience to read the whole post. Because if you make the post into one very long paragraph, it can discourage potential readers away, by looking “boring” or “dull”.

4. Use Firsthand Experience
When writing about a trending topic or recent news update, try to personalize it with your company or yourself. For example, a PR agency wants to discuss the new “buy” button on Twitter, which will allow users to purchase items without ever leaving their Twitter page, the agency should find a way to personalize that blog so their readers can feel the impact on the topic. For instance, a few agency employees can use the “buy” button and then explain their opinion on the newest Twitter addition. That way the agency is keeping up to date on social media news, but still giving a firsthand experience to their clients and readers.

5. Don’t be afraid to create a Video Blog
Personalize your company by showing off your employees! Creating a video blog, even once a month, can break up the conventional written blog for readers. It provides a new fresh look on a topic and it could reach out to a new audience of readers. A video blog would allow your audience to listen and watch your post on their daily commute to and from work or in their spare time. Also, your loyal readers may be interested to putting a voice to the blogger they enjoy reading every week.

Well that’s my Transformation Tuesday post! I hope I gave you some great new ideas to try for your future blog. Also, to take my own advice I will do a video blog next week to switch up from always my written posts. So look forward to that! Until then have a great Tuesday and rest of the week!

# Transformation Tuesday


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