Some Wednesday Wisdom

Dream Job

So today’s post isn’t directly related to public relations, but instead for anyone in any career field. As a recent PR graduate I am going to share some career wisdom with you. In 2011, I chose to focus my education on becoming a PR Professional not because I would become rich (not anytime soon at least) or to deal with the public on a daily basis. But instead I chose this field because I have a passion for creativity and critical thinking. I fell in love with all the possibilities public relations offered me. I was able to use my creative side to generate marketing campaigns, advertising, writing speeches, using social media, and more. While it also allowed me to use my critical thinking skills to determine the best ways to market towards a certain audience or to analyze the effectiveness of a campaign.

Although I haven’t started my “dream job” I know I will eventually have it with hard work, determination, and a lot of networking! So the advice I want to share with you is this, find a career that makes you happy. That will use your best skills and allow you to feel like a superstar at work at times. Even if you have to go through some jobs that might not be your “dream job” it’s okay because chances are it will teach you something that might help you land that job!

So I want to leave you with my two favorite quotes and hope you have a wonderful Wednesday evening!




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