Showing off Your Skills: Creating an Online Portfolio

For today’s topic I’m going to talk about the importance an online portfolio can have as a PR professional. I created my website my senior year at college, but I wish I could have made one after my first internship experience. Because it took me almost three months to perfect my website! Although I started with a template, I was very busy with school work, a job, and well a social life. So I found it hard at times to sit down and commit to working on my site. If I had started a year earlier I wouldn’t have felt so stress. Also by creating your website early can open you up to more internship and career opportunities. By creating a portfolio site, you can stand out from the crowd and make a great impression!

So if you’re wondering what you can add to a portfolio site, here are some ideas!
***Remember never post ALL of your work online, leave out your weaker content and repetitive topics. You want your site to maintain interest and not bore viewers with the same information. ***

1.Writing Samples
This is a great time to show off some of your best work! And don’t just put school assignments on there, but other things too. You can post an in depth news article you wrote for your paper, a media strategy document showing off your mad strategic thinking skills, any social media posts you have written (make sure if you’re using ones from an internship you have permission first), and don’t forget any blog posts you have written! By posting a variety of topics will show potential employers your wide range of writing genres.
2.Video Work
Whether this is your own camera work, editing skills, or on camera recordings this shows professionals you are adaptable to changing communication fields with ease.
3.Graphic Design Examples
If you created logos, advertisements, magazine layouts, or anything else this is a great time to show your creativity with images instead of words. It also shows you’re skilled in the Adobe products.
4.Event Planning
This is one of my favorites, by listing the events you have helped to plan and execute can show employers how you can handle multiple things at once. You can post event photos and explain some of the steps you went through to create a successful event.
5.PR, Advertising, & Marketing Campaigns
If you worked with actual clients or even an in class client show off your skills of how you targeted a specific audience and what tactics helped to make that campaign successful. Be sure to include the objective, any graphs, survey results, and advertising tactics you created.
6.Primary & Secondary Research
If you were required to take a media research class, like me, or was able to take part in conducting research be sure to show off those skills. This will show employers you aren’t afraid to go out into the field to talk with the public and you can understand the logistics of a project.
7.About Me & Contact
Sometimes you might get so caught up in talking about your amazing skills you forget to talk about yourself. Be sure to include a small informal bio (nothing too personal that you wouldn’t want your bosses to know) and post a professional photo of yourself. This can help make you more personal to professionals. Then after looking at your site don’t forget to show people how they can contact you about future careers!

Now that you have an idea for the content of your site, it’s time to decide on what website to use! There are many sites that are free and only recommend buying a domain address. If you’re still in college I recommend not buying a domain address right away, just because you are starting out and it can be an expensive upkeep if you don’t have the extra cash. Now here is a list of a few websites that I think can work well.

This website allows you to build your site from scratch or offer templates. You can link multiple pages to one account, create a privacy setting, have unlimited posts, and more.
This site can be easy to use, especially if website building isn’t your strongest trait. It provides you with many free layouts and themes to choose from and you can still customize your site to stand out from the crowd.
This site keeps your portfolio very simple and easy to use. This could be great if you don’t have much content for your site, but you want to start with something!

Here is a link to an article that discusses the pros and cons of using WordPress and Wix and another article discussing Wix, Weebly, and other sites. Just make sure you choose a site that works best for you and your content.

I know I just provided you with a lot of information so here is a brief summary of this post.

Creating a portfolio site can help you to stand out from the crowd while displaying your talent. Be sure to include any relevant skills that you would enjoy using for future jobs and be sure not to include all your work on the site. When choosing what website is best for your portfolio, choose based on your content level, price, and your website building skills.

If you’re interested you can check out my online portfolio as an example. And if you have any advice of what to do or avoid please comment below!

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