Social Media Day 2014

Happy Social Media Day everyone! So what exactly is World Social Media Day? Well it started on June 30, 2010 and it’s a way to celebrate how the digital world is forever changing our lives. Since the major popularity of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and more the way we are living our lives is focused around social media! In my opinion it’s one of the major ways we communicate with our friends and family (especially the ones we can’t see every day). And within the last few years, businesses have taken this opportunity to reach us through our favorite sites. For instance, I’ve learned more about American Eagle sales, Starbucks drinks, and my favorite PR agencies through Facebook than with advertisements on TV or in the mail. So it makes sense there would be a day dedicated to such a large part of our lives. And although I am worried about the negative effects of social media, I prefer to use this blog post to focus on the positives it has offered us over the years. So in order to properly celebrate this day, I want to talk about some of the major social media sites and how much of an impact it has on our lives!
1. Facebook
Next to MySpace, this was the first major social media site I joined. After I finalized my profile, I started checking this site every day. It was crazy how much more advanced it was compared to MySpace and all the perks it had, including games! But I bet there are some things you don’t know about Facebook. For instance, if you type into the URL it takes you directly to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page! Also in 2011 a third of all divorces claimed Facebook was the reason for their failed marriages! The study found that Facebook was the reason for inappropriate messages to members of the opposite sex, posting nasty comments, and Facebook friends reporting about a spouse’s behavior.
2. SnapChat
This is a phone app that allows users to send photos or videos with small captions to a friend for only a few seconds before it disappears completely. So how did anyone even come up with this crazy idea? Well two students from Stanford University developed the idea of SnapChat in 2011 when one of their friends regretted sending a photo to someone. Within three years after its launched, SnapChat now has over 100 million users and roughly 400 million snaps are sent a day throughout the world! Now that’s a crazy number for such a simple app! But as an active user of it, I love having the ability to send my friends goofy pictures of me or my pets. These are photos I may not have sent through as a picture message. But young adults aren’t the only ones spending large amounts of time “snapping”, but businesses are trying to use this app too! Taco Bell, television shows, and other brands are using this popular app to communicate with their audience and offer exclusive offers! To learn more about SnapChat you can check out this article!
3. Twitter
This popular site allows users to post their opinions about things with 140 characters. Since their launch in 2006, their users now post over 1 billion tweets a week! That’s insane! And the most popular retweet of all time was Ellen Degeneres’s Oscar selfie (it had over 1 million retweets). But taking the number two spot was President Obama’s retweet when he won his reelection in 2012 (it had over 800,000 retweets). The most popular Twitter user, Katy Perry, has over 50 million followers! But celebrities aren’t the only ones becoming active; businesses are taking advantage of this popular site. They are using this site to have customers express their love for their brand, offer contests, and generate more popularity around the world.

Finally, my favorite thing about social media sites is it allows everyone to connect to people and companies in a whole new way. No longer do you only talk to distant family members around the holidays or special occasions, but you can see how they are doing every day and maybe even develop a better relationship with them. Or if you have a product or favorite food dish you can now express your love for the brands you enjoy most in a great way!
Well I wish you all a Happy Social Media Day and I would love to hear your favorite things about social media and how it has positively impacted your life. So comment below and until next time have a great day!


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