Is it Smart for Marketers to Mainly Focus on the Millennials?

Today’s blog post is about a recent New York Times article I read. This article focuses on companies changing their marketing techniques to better target the millennial generation.
So a few days ago, the New York Times published an article about some recent studies that focused on our generation, the millennials or Generation Y. This article, 2 Deals Focus on Big Data and Youth, discussed studies the some companies conducted to interpret and understand the behaviors and actions of Americans between the ages of 18-34. The study results will be announced next week.
This article went further in-depth by discussing companies that focused on advertising to the millennial generation. One company’s senior executive explained that it’s important to understand what this generation does and why they choose to do it. Especially since the millennials are responsible for $2.5 trillion in annual spending. Another company executive explained by becoming millennial experts can help their current clients and develop content for future clients. This article ended with the idea that the new generation of children being born now, Generation Next or Plurals, will reflect multiculturalism.
This article caused me to wonder if focusing on one generation can be good for marketers. With so many companies conducting studies and changing their marketing techniques to appeal to this generation, will it be worth it? I think it can help companies who want to reach out to the millennials or have products that target the younger generation. But I’m worried that by spending all this time and money, that companies may push aside other types of customers.

But what do you think? Please comment below with your opinions on this topic!
Generation Y


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