Marketing Yourself for Your Job Search

No matter what age you are, until you are ready to retire you will be working. So try to make sure your job makes you happy and you enjoy what you are doing! In order to get the job you want, you need to do more than just send out resumes and cover letters. You need to market YOURSELF!
Imagine you are buying a car, for instance a Volkswagen Jetta. Would you go to one car lot and pick out the first Jetta you see without checking out the prices at other lots or even looking for an individual seller? Probably not, because purchasing a car is a major decision and you want to make sure you are make the right choice. Well that’s how employers look at you, when deciding who to hire. Because bringing a new person into the company takes training, time, and energy and managers want to ensure they pick someone who is not only capable of performing their duties, but also want to be at that company.
So when applying for a job you need to learn to best market yourself, so you can land your dream job! Now as a recent college grad, I’m not going to try to claim I know the best ways to land yourself that job. However, I’m hoping I can provide you with three ideas of the ways to market yourself to employers.

Step 1 Be Confident in Yourself
You wouldn’t want to buy a car if the sales person says “Ya, I guess it drives okay” so make sure you don’t downplay your skills. You know what you’re doing so make sure you show it off!
Check out this Forbes article to ace your next interview!

Step 2 Clear Simple Explanations are KEY
When creating your resume, be sure to clearly explain your responsibilities and accomplishments. It can be easy to provide too much information and confuse an employer. The best way is to list your key duties and once you land that interview then you can go into more detail!
Here is an article that can help you with your resume.

Step 3 Social Media Can Be Used Effectively
Since most companies are interacting online now, it can be smart to follow them on Twitter, Like them on Facebook, and any other sites they are on. Not only does it show you are interested in their company. But it can also keep you updated with their newest projects and help you see if this company is the right fit you!
Check out this article How to Use Social Networking Sites to Market Yourself for more ways of using social media.

So whether you’re a recent grad looking for your first job opportunity or changing jobs and need a refresher I hope this helped you. Just remember you did the work and you have the skills so go find the job that fits you!


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