Is Public Relations For You?

Welcome to my first official post!
I thought a good topic to start my blog off would be to provide you with some background information on public relations. So to start the official definition by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) states, “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”
So basically I see PR as a way for a company to better communicate with their public, employees, and other business partners. Take for instance, Starbucks, the focus of this company is to provide their public with delicious coffees, teas, and snacks to have. So their focus should be on creating these delicious treats. That’s when PR comes in, to help Starbucks inform the public about their drinks! Without PR their treats may not reach everyone or it could take years for word to spread. But with PR, the public can be informed about the variety of drinks and snack and then they can make the decision to visit Starbucks.
But what I enjoy the most about PR is the variety of work you can do. I could work with products, non-profit groups, event planning, advertising tactics, crisis management, or social media advertising. The idea that I can always be using my skills to try something new is exciting for me!
Here are 10 Signs PR could be a great job for you from nyc pr girls blog!
1. Writing doesn’t bother you, in fact, it’s fun!
2. Breaking news? You’re the first of all your friends to know.
3. You’re borderline obsessed with social media.
4. You enjoy being busy and are multi-tasking, all the time.
5. Communicating with people all day is enjoyable.
6. Work on the weekends? Totally fine.
7. Rejection happens, but you don’t take no for an answer.
8. You work well under pressure and stay organized.
9. Planning and attending events has always been a dream.
10. Being on the computer all day doesn’t bother you and your smartphone never leaves your side. Ever.

Do you know if PR is right for you? Maybe try this quiz offered on
So are you already in the PR field or it’s not for you? Please comment below with your results I would love to hear what you think!


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